Our Goals

Our goal is to provide a faith based, developmentally appropriate preschool opportunity that encompass all aspects of growth with special consideration to the individual child’s progress. It is a pursuit of excellence that keeps us on the cutting edge of what is considered “best practice” in early education, enabling us to offer a challenging and fun preschool experience. Our emphasis is on quality preschool classrooms, interactions and activities that focus on the children in our care being ready to excel in Kindergarten and in life.

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten readiness is one of the goals we pursue with passion. We start working with the children towards that goal the day they enter our program. Beginning with a literacy rich environment, we provide opportunity in the classroom for supporting experiences. These are in the form of our experiential writing centers where children generate independent drawings and very simple shared interactive writings. We bring technology in with our computer centers employing visual and oral communications. Using many techniques in the classroom we work towards meeting the goals of letter knowledge, word recognition, letter sound and phonological awareness. We use the PALS preK Assessment to determine where the children   are developmentally. Mid Year and Year End we will repeat the assessment to assure that the children are progressing towards the Readiness Goals. In the spring to help with the transition to Kindergarten the fours will visit the Elementary Schools to see Kindergarten in action.   While the literacy goals seem lofty, the important thing for the children is that it’s all accomplished in a playful and fun way! When their preschool days are completed here, they are READY for Kindergarten!