Why We Are Special

Bonsack Baptist Preschool promotes a Christian environment that focuses on planting seeds of faith in the hearts of the children. This is accomplished through the loving Christ Centered spirit that accompanies all they do, coaching and modeling interactions, treating others with kindness and respect, daily prayer, Christian songs and Bible stories. Basic biblical truths are shared in class and in Chapel. We believe that a biblical truth foundation laid in early childhood will shape the heart of the child into the future.

Our program is special in a number of ways:

  • We’re one of the few state-licensed preschools in the Valley.  What that means for you is an added degree of confidence that we are who we say we are and we do what we say we do.  We’re subject to state inspection at any time, and they will look at our safety records, our child accountability, and our health records.  They are concerned about the qualifications of our staff, requiring ongoing training for them of 16 credit hours per year, criminal history checks through the Department of Social Services and the Virginia State Police.  Every teacher on staff here is certified in First Aid and Infant/Child CPR trained.  We’re trained in Medicine Administration in case you have a child with health concerns or special needs.   All of our staff is fully trained in Emergency Response in the event of a serious threat or disaster.  We have annual Health Inspections and Fire Inspections as well.
  • We’ve been in the business of Preschool for 27 years and have a proven track record of nurturing children and readying them for Kindergarten.
  • We’re passionate about our faith and about sharing the love of Jesus with our pre-schoolers and their families.
  • We offer an exciting developmentally appropriate curriculum endorsed by professionals in Early Childhood Education.
  • We use the “center” approach to learning and offer many “center” opportunities in the classroom each day.  “Centers” available are home living, light table, water table, art, computers, blocks, music, science, math, puzzles and cozy area to name a few.
  • The children have an exciting time each month in a special music time that develops their rhythm and singing skills.  They will sing for you at Christmas and at year end.
  • You can look forward to a video recap of our year at these occasions as well (Christmas and year end).  We’ll show you what we’ve been up to in pictures.
  • Library Day is a very interactive time that the children look forward to and enjoy! They listen to a story, and then participate in an activity that illustrates what they heard.
  • Basic Bible truths are shared with the children in Chapel, where they learn about exciting Biblical characters and sing songs to reinforce Bible truths.